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A Summer Concert-Goer’s Guide to a Good Time

There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite band or musical artist perform on a warm summer night. And with music festival season well underway, the SUGO team thought it best to compile a list of tips we think are essential to having a good time at your next summer concert!

Tip #1: Doing Your Research on the “Things to Know Before You Go…” 

Do a little research before the concert so you know about the venue you’ll be going to! 

Is it outdoors? Indoors? Is there parking available? What size bag can I bring? 

Whether you’re going to see Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, or any music artist this summer, all these questions are important when it comes to preparing for your concert. Depending on the venue you’re attending, you may have different rules for things like types of bags, if you can bring in food or drinks, picnic blankets, chairs, etc. It's always a good idea to check the rules of the venue before you go because you never want to be surprised and have to return items to your vehicle or miss parts of the performance. A great way to find the answers to some of these questions is by reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) located on the venue’s website, or you might find a “Things to Know Before You Go” section dedicated to these questions on online ticket order confirmations. 

Tip #2: Bag Policies - Better Safe than Sorry!

If you did your research beforehand following Tip #1 and you’re still unsure about purse or bag sizes, we suggest purchasing a clear bag for your belongings. Most concert venues nowadays will allow a clear bag of any size, so if you’re going to multiple concerts at different venues this year and don’t know if they’ll allow your bag in, a clear or see-through bag is a great investment for avid concert-goers.   

Tip #3: Food. Food. Food.

Don’t go to a concert on an empty stomach…just don’t. If you’re going to be standing and dancing, and singing your heart out, you’re going to want to go well fed! Concert venue concessions can be overpriced and have overwhelming lines, causing you to miss parts of the show if you don’t plan well. As an alternative to venue concessions, check out nearby sandwich shops for ready-to-go food to eat before or if the venue permits, to bring into the concert picnic style. For instance, if you plan to visit the Hollywood Bowl any time soon, we suggest stopping by Haute Mess LA for sandwiches and snacks like the Cosmopolitan e Rosati, Fromager Small Platter, or Mediterranean salad, which are some personal favorites of the SUGO team. As a European inspired market and café, Haute Mess has the most delicious made-to-order sandwiches and sweet treats, perfect for a concert picnic or quick bite to eat before you see the opening act!

Tip #4: Stay Hydrated

It’s a good idea to pack extra water bottles in your car for post-concert hydration! It can sometimes be challenging to stay completely hydrated during a concert or music festival, so this final tip is all about recovering after the last song and encore performance. After enjoying a night of singing, dancing, and having a blast seeing your favorite artist, the first sip of water in the car ride home can be well…life changing and you’ll be glad you packed it. 

Whether you’re attending a summer concert alone or with a group of your closest friends, the SUGO team always wants you to stay safe and remember to be a respectful concert-goer. Often the excitement of the show can get the best of people, so make sure to respect the space and those around you, because at the end of the day, you’re all there with the mutual goal of having a good time!




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