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How to Design Your Workspace to Enable Creativity While Working From Home

While many of us continue to work from home (and have been for over a year now) it’s hard to remain creative and productive when everything we are doing in one day is done between the same 4 walls.

To get your creativity flowing it is important to be ✨inspired✨ by the space you are working from. Here are some of our top tips for designing your home office or workspace for optimal productivity, creativity, and inspiration.

Surround yourself with things you love; whether that’s painting an accent wall your favourite colour or surrounding yourself with 45 plant babies. Surrounding yourself with these trinkets, colours or greenery sparks joy which can also spark creativity by simply being in a happy and enjoyable environment. Positive energy instills positive work days!

Make sure to set up a separate space for yourself solely for work; moving things around in your home to create a spot to work is really important and can help prevent feeling burnt out. Because we as humans are used to changes of scenery and surrounding ourselves in different environments, no one wants to work and play from the same space.

Set yourself up with a view (and some natural light); if a window is an option, setting up your space with access to natural light will give you something fab to look at (but will also make you look great on your zoom calls 😉).

Chair, Chair, Chair; having a good chair is of UTTER importance - for two reasons. They are what you sit in for 8 hours on end, so make sure what you are sitting in is comfy! Secondly, make sure they are cute and fit into the aesthetic of your room. Choose a chair with a pop of colour or made of a cool fabric/texture (ie. velvet).




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