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Spring into seasonal cooking with these fresh recipes

It’s officially spring, which means that it’s time for the tell-tale signs of the winter’s end: warmer weather, spring showers, and the first blooms of the year. With these changes come new crops and seasonal produce that are ripe for the picking. Opting for seasonal produce when preparing food is the best way to have the most fresh and flavourful dishes year-round. Looking for some spring recipe inspo? We’ve got you covered:

For a healthy energy boost at lunch, this Arugula Tomato Quinoa Salad from Mazola is a perfect pick. As the weather warms up, we lean into salads in no small part because of their seasonal ingredients like the arugula used here. Arugula grows best in cooler weather, as longer days and warmer temperatures create a more bitter flavour. Because of this, wild arugula is best foraged in spring and fall.

Looking for a new side? How about this Italian favourite courtesy of Eataly Toronto? These Roman-style artichokes (otherwise known as Carciofi alla Romana) highlight not only in-season artichokes, but the first fresh herbs of the spring season as well. Often served with lamb, the artichokes and herbs mingle together to create a simple yet flavourful side dish.

Though we know autumnal apples are a favourite for pies and crumbles, those with a sweet tooth have tasty spring options as well. One of the first spring crops to come into season is rhubarb! Rhubarb plants are considered in-season beginning in April, so now’s the perfect time to get your fix. Following shortly after are strawberries, which come into season around May in Ontario and have a couple of months of overlap with rhubarb. Combining the two in their prime season makes this Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp from a sweet way to enjoy the freshest produce.

Alternatively, for those dreaming of the summer heat and tropical getaways, pineapple is another great option. Up in Canada we may not know it, but spring is also peak pineapple season where they grow. This time of year bears the juiciest and most flavourful fruit, which is perfectly enjoyed in this Pineapple Upside Down Cake from This classic cake is just the right balance of sweet and tangy, and an excellent way to get a taste of the warmer weather to come.

Whether you’re a savoury fan or have a sweet tooth, a baker or a chef, spring is sure to open some culinary doors. What spring recipes will you be trying this season?




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