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What PR Professionals Really Do?

We know, we know, no one really has an answer in the Public Relations (PR) world when you ask, “So, what do you do in PR?” or “Isn’t it just marketing?” - to which our answers are typically, “everything” as well as “no… but sometimes…”. But rest assured, we’re finally sharing the basics, or “PR 101 for Dummies” (no offence) and explaining what really goes on in our world… 

The Early Morning Scramble

Imagine starting your day with a zen moment and a cup of coffee. Now throw that image out the window. A PR professional’s day starts with a frantic scan of news alerts, social media feeds, and emails to monitor for coverage wins and to ensure no client catastrophe has erupted overnight. Did someone accidentally tweet from the wrong account? Did the CEO make an offhand comment about pineapples on pizza? These are the real crises we deal with before 8 AM.


The Meeting Marathon

Contrary to popular belief, PR folks don’t just sit around crafting the perfect press release. They’re marathoners in a different sense - running from meeting to meeting. Client meetings, strategy sessions, brainstorming huddles, and of course, the all-important “touch-base” meetings that could have been an email. 

The Email Overload

PR professionals are in a committed relationship with their inboxes. They send, receive, and read emails at an incomprehensible speed. There’s the email to the journalist, the follow-up email, the follow-up to the follow-up, and the “just checking in” email, followed by the “circling back” email. If emails were a sport, PR pros would be Olympians.

Social Media Maestro

While it might look like PR professionals are just scrolling through X Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and the latest social media platform du jour, they're actually carefully curating content, engaging with followers, and managing online reputations. They’re the puppet masters behind every perfectly timed tweet and Instagram post, juggling hashtags like flaming torches, and newsjacking like you wouldn’t believe.

Crisis Management

When a crisis hits, PR pros are like the emergency room doctors of the corporate world. They’re on call 24/7, ready to swoop in and save the day. Whether it’s a tweet gone rogue or an unexpected scandal, they deploy their crisis management skills with the precision of a neurosurgeon. 

The Content Churn

Creating content is a huge part of the PR game. From press releases and blog posts to daily pitches, newsletters and PR packages, they're constantly churning out polished materials. And they do it all while avoiding jargon, clichés, and the dreaded typo that could turn a “public announcement” into a “pubic announcement.”

The Multitasking Master

If there’s one thing PR professionals excel at, it’s multitasking. They’re the masters of doing ten things at once. Need to draft a press release, organize a tasting event, respond to a journalist, and update social media all at the same time? No problem. Just another day in the life of a PR pro.

So, there you have it; the hilarious, behind-the-scenes look at what PR professionals really do. We might make it look easy, but behind every successful brand is a hardworking PR team juggling a dozen flaming torches while wearing a smile. So next time you see a perfectly polished press release or a well-timed tweet, remember the PR pros making it all happen - often with a dash of humor and a whole lot of coffee. 




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