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When House Becomes Office: The Importance of Work-From-Home Wellness

Over the past few months, many (including the BPR Inc. team) have had to adapt to working remotely. While working from home removes the need for commuting and allows for flexibility, it does leave us with a void of social interaction and is tied to isolation and mental burnout.

At BPR Inc. we are thankful to work within an industry that lends itself to social interaction daily. Whether it be through virtual strategy sessions with clients, discussing points of interest with media over the phone, or Zoom trivia with our team, we get to communicate. The challenge is, however, even within the public relations realm we still feel the effects of isolation. As we continue to protect ourselves physically, we have to remind ourselves that that social distancing does not mean social isolation, and it is important to find new ways to work and interact that benefit our mental health and well-being.

Here are a few wellness tips that the BPR Inc. team uses to maintain a healthy mindset:

Keep your mind sound by taking a break

Relaxing with tea

First and foremost it’s not only okay to take a break, it is needed. It’s okay if you’re finding it hard to concentrate right now. We are living in unprecedented times, we are being bombarded with pandemic updates and concerns over the health of ourselves and loved ones. However, stress can hamper the brain’s ability to focus. It can even reduce memory. It is important to treat mental fatigue and stress the same way you would a physical ailment. If you are feeling overwhelmed from work or life itself, sign off for a bit. Understand what your body is telling you and acknowledge that you are doing your best. Give yourself a moment to recuperate and both your mind and body will thank you.

Keep to normalcy with a daily routine

Waking up a few feet from where you intend to work can definitely throw you off balance. Most of us had a morning routine that allowed us to wake up and anticipate our day, however, for many, working remotely has altered our daily structure. Creating a personal routine similar to a normal office day can help reduce anxiety. This means sticking to your pre-work routine as best as possible. While rolling out of bed in your PJs is tempting, it’s not good for productivity. Instead, have a shower, make coffee, eat breakfast, and take a few minutes to decompress. If possible, set up a designated space for you and family members to work and/or learn. Don't forget to include breaks as you usually would throughout the day and be sure to disconnect before bed.

Keep connected through tech

Maintain relationships virtually. We live in an age where we can interact digitally through a magnitude of apps, so utilize them! Schedule a time to connect with loved ones and colleagues through video calls, online games, text messaging, emails and more. Use social media to find content and interact with others, find accounts with similar interests and engage, follow along with projects and even communicate with community members. Additionally, use wellness apps such as Headspace and Calm and listen to motivating podcasts to find a moment of peace. There are many ways you can interact, find inspiration and feel a sense of connection through technology.

Keep esteem high through self-care

Making time for self-care is never selfish, it is essential to maintaining a positive outlook. However, self-care looks different for everyone - whether that includes getting 8 hours of sleep, eating a healthy diet, or getting exercise, it is important to find activities that provide benefits to both your mental and physical health. Even if you can’t fit them all in, start small by adding 15 more minutes to your sleep schedule, get some fresh air, go for a walk, take a bath and incorporate healthy meal and snack options wherever possible. Start by making simple changes and work your way through to finding the right balance of activities that nourish the body and the mind.

It is important to establish a support system and find the right tools that help reduce stress and maintain wellness while we all continue to work through the current climate. All of us at BPR Inc., are wishing our fellow industry members, clients, readers and loved ones well during these unprecedented times.




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