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Kitchen Hub ᐧ Bridgerton Influencer Drop



Kitchen Hub x Le Dolci teamed up

ahead of Bridgerton's high-anticipated second

season to launch an unforgettable, limited-edition dessert collection inspired by the iconic show.

In March 2022, SUGO conceptualized and coordinated a topical, buzzworthy initiative for Kitchen Hub, Canada's fastest-growing virtual food hall. This initiative positioned the brand at the centre of the conversation as fans prepared for the second season of Netflix's second-most-viewed show of all time.


Working closely with Kitchen Hub partner, Le Dolci, SUGO collaborated on bringing to life three limited edition Bridgerton-inspired desserts available exclusively from Kitchen Hub. While the initiative was engaging and creative, it also presented an opportunity for Kitchen Hub to incorporate its "unbelievable" takeout key messaging, with the dish arriving seamlessly to top-tier media and influencer recipients.


The initiative was overwhelmingly successful, securing earned coverage from outlets including Curiocity, Daily Hive, FASHION, Style Democracy and more in addition to influencers like @beckermantwins, @myvoguishdiaries, @thiswildheart and more.

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