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Gone Fishing? Impress your fellow campers this summer with this must-try fish fry recipe!

Planning a reel fun camping trip before the summer is over? Showcase your latest catch while enjoying Canada’s picturesque outdoors with a fintastic fish fry, made with Canada’s favourite Corn Oil by Mazola.

Since 1911, Mazola has offered high-quality oils that bring out the flavour in whatever you’re making, sweet or savoury. Their Corn Oil is perfect for frying thanks to its neutral taste that allows the unique flavour profile of your dish to shine, made with only pure ingredients and no trans fat per 10mL serving.

There’s no trout about it, Mazola’s Corn Oil is just what you need. And, paired with the savoury crunch of Catch + Cooks Flame coating, this makes for the best crowd-pleasing combo.

Our favourite fish fry recipe this summer is by wild food creator and Catch+Cook co-founder, Josh McFaddin! His Popcorn Catfish with Tzatziki Dip is as delicious as it is easy to make!

Tzatziki Dip

  • 1 Cup thick, Greek-style yogurt

  • 1/3 English cucumber, shredded

  • Juice of half lemon

  • Fine chopped mint + dill (fresh)

  • Salt + pepper to taste

1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix.

2. Serve and enjoy!

Popcorn Catfish

  • 2 Catfish fillets (or any fish), cubed

  • 1L Mazola Corn Oil, for deep-frying

  • 1 Bag of Catch + Cook, Flame flavour

  • 1 Cup pickled banana pepper rings

1. Start by getting your pot or deep fryer full of Mazola Corn Oil and set the temp to anywhere between 350-375F.

2. Dip your fish cubes in water, then into a bowl of the dry Catch + Cook. Shake off excess coating and repeat by dipping quickly back into the water, then into the dry mix.

3. Allow the cubes to rest for a minute before putting them in the oil. This will allow for the dry coating to bloom for proper adhesion.

4. Prep your pepper rings by tossing them directly from the jar, into the Catch + Cook, then shake off excess.

5. Fry the fish and pepper rings in batches until golden brown.

6. Top with chopped scallions or chives and enjoy your fried snacks dipped in the delicious tzatziki dip.

Try this recipe at home and tag @joshmcfads, @catchcookcoatings and @mazolacanada for a chance to be reposted!

Mazola oils are available at all major retailers nationwide, and you can learn more about Canada’s favourite oil brand at




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