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Know Your Audience: How to Impress Potential Future Clients

One of the essential elements for running a successful Public Relations Agency is a deep understanding of different audiences. Whether it’s the Toronto media landscape, influencers across the country or your own social media followers, it is important to build and nurture relationships on many different levels. The key to this is knowing your audience!

Here, we explore one of the most important audiences there is to understand - Potential Future Clients. Clients are the lifeblood of Public Relations agencies, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of incredible brands including Eataly Toronto, La Presserie, The Cheesecake Factory Canada, Dell Technologies, Ninja® Kitchen and Jackson Family Wines. But, what does it take to impress and eventually secure these clients? In order to WOW them and show them that we are the best PR agency for them, we develop an intimate recognition of who they are, what they need and how we can support them.

An Intimate Understanding of the Client’s Services

The very first step in building a relationship with clients is firsthand knowledge of what they offer. It helps to be a fan of the brand because it will ultimately create a seamless bond between client and agency.

"It's important that I have a solid understanding of the product or service that we are pitching before I even get around to a proposal. Trying a restaurant's food, a cold-pressed juice, staying in a hotel room, using a blender, experiencing a spa, etc. is important to appreciate before being able to come up with a strategy. Once I know the product and the team behind it, I am better equipped to show my passion and desire to work with the brand,” explains Shawn Rusich, Owner and Principal of BPR Inc. “Understanding a company's internal workings and team is also important, as we here at BPR Inc. align ourselves with like-minded, upstanding people."

Awareness of the Client’s Needs

At our boutique agency, we offer a number of services including social media management, media relations, influencer relations, virtual and live event management and beyond! That being said, when pitching a client we curate our offerings to fit their needs. If the client is looking to host a virtual event, we don’t focus on our amazing crisis management skills. Instead, we focus on building a plan that outlines exactly how we’re going to fulfil their needs and meet their event goals. This may include building a targeted guest list, sourcing the perfect moderator and shipping each guest beautifully packaged components to enhance the at-home experience.

An Expansive Body of Work

At the end of the day, what we bring to the table is a comprehensive portfolio of past and present work. This experience is fundamentally important in understanding how to impress future clients because it showcases exactly what we bring to the table. We recognize what the client wants because we've done it. All of our case studies help check the boxes that potential clients need filled in. Need help in garnering media hits for the next hottest launch in Canada? We’ve done it. Looking to have your product featured in some of Canada’s most exclusive broadcast segments and publications? We’ve done that too.

If you’re looking for a Public Relations Agency who will get to know you inside and out, reach out to us on our website




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