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In-Cider Information: This Season’s Must-Try Apple-Inspired Recipes!

Photo source: Taste of Home

It's officially nearing fall and apple season is in full swing! If you’re anything like us, with a love for all things fall and apple-flavoured, you know there are countless ways one can enjoy the taste of crisp apples this season. Whether you’re contemplating purchasing sweet-tart apples on your next grocery visit or finding yourself with more than you know what to do with after apple picking, we have you covered in the best way! BakeGood and Mazola have some fresh recipes for apple-inspired snacks & easy desserts that you are bound to find a-peel-ing!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is no doubt stuffing will be on the menu. Mazola’s Apple Raisin Cornbread Stuffing is the easiest way to make the popular dish more exciting than ever. Mazola’s Canola Oil gives this recipe a perfectly easy bake, while Cornbread Stuffing in exchange for a regular stuffing base is a beginner's best friend and key to giving this dish a savoury twist. We guarantee once you try this version, you’ll never go back to the original!

We’ve tried pineapples on pizza so who says a caramelized apple topping won’t be just as delicious? Whether you're looking for a delectable bite for lunch or dinner, this homemade pizza recipe is quick and easy with the help of Fleischmann's® Pizza Yeast or Quick Rise Yeast. Subtle flavours with the additions of pumpkin spice, maple, cayenne and pecans make this pizza recipe a sweet and savoury selection.

If you’re craving an on-the-go snack that also doubles as the perfect portion-sized guilty pleasure for your cheat days, we recommend these Chill and Bake Frosted Apple Squares as a sweet cinnamon-flavoured treat!

Click the links below for additional apple-inspired recipes you can try this season!




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