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Influencer Marketing 101

Social Media Influencers; a concept that has only become widely known within the past 8 years in the marketing world and has become ever more important given the fact that “trust” is now such an important factor in modern advertising. Influencer Marketing specifically, is a form of marketing which is the endorsement of products by individuals that have a certain level of social influence. When utilized correctly, Influencer Marketing is an extremely effective tool to promote a product or service to a wide number of consumers within specific markets.

We’ve created an overview of the fundamentals of Influencer Marketing to provide you with the baseline knowledge and understanding of how to build fruitful partnerships and to ensure they garner the maximum possible results for a successful campaign.

Determine what you are trying to achieve

First and foremost, you must define your campaign goals and objectives; whether it is to build brand awareness, drive sales of a specific product, increase your Instagram followers or increase overall engagement. The answer to this question will ensure you’re starting off on the right foot to build your campaign and target the correct influencers.

Define your audience

Ensure your target audience is defined - this will give you a clear indication of the demographics and geolocation your campaign should reach.

Selecting your influencer

There are many different factors to consider when vetting possible influencer options such as; size of their following, if they focus on a specific product (food, fashion, coffee etc) and how strong is their engagement. These are simple answers that can be found by analyzing specific accounts, or alternatively by using an influencer platform such as Klear, should you have access to one.

Provide specific guidelines for content results

There are certain elements to be ironed out before an influencer creates content to ensure both parties are satisfied with the initial content shared and reduces the amount of time spent editing:

  • Specific features you’d like to be highlighted

  • Overall themes and key messaging

  • Text overlay and music selection (if applicable)

  • Hashtags and accounts to be tagged

  • Visible branding (if required)

  • The exclusion of any competitors within the content

  • Duration content should be live on account

Influencer marketing is growing and now is a great time for brands to consider it as a part of their wider marketing strategies. It can be timely to find the perfect candidates to partner with, but if you manage to find the right fit, it’s worth all of the effort!

Ready to take your brand to the next level with an influencer campaign? We can help! Contact our team at or use our handy contact form here.




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