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Let’s hear it for the girls!

International Women’s Day is here and we are celebrating some of our favourite, female owned brands & businesses in Toronto.

Founded on the principles of quality and sustainability, Canadian, certified female-owned tea company, Pluck Tea, thrives on innovation. The brand’s goal is to create blends that seamlessly merge the time-honoured classics and unique flavours with an emphasis on local and upcycled ingredients. Their Pluck Pekoe collection of organic ‘teas for good’ has a unique and innovative direct-trade agreement with the farmers from Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT). RMT helps to support the women in their community by giving them access to roles within the tea growing industry that are typically held by men. They also provide free schooling opportunities for the children of these tea workers, giving their mothers the option to work.

Co-founded by Dr. Aliya Visram, bloom balance’s specialty is designing products backed by research and based in ancient medicine to help busy individuals infuse some self-care into their every day. Our favourite product of theirs is the ear seeding starter kits. Ear seeding is a powerful and gentle form of auriculotherapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Find your balance, stimulate energy, heal the soul and relax the mind in three easy steps - place, press, heal!

Forage Hyperfoods is a female-led Canadian business that proudly offers mushroom tinctures made from fruiting body mushrooms that are sustainably wild-harvested and cultivated in Canada. They are passionate about fungi, preventative health, and helping people find the health in their habits with mushrooms.

After being frustrated with the lack of representation of women in the sneaker industry, Shelby Weaver and Abby Albino set out to create their own slice of sneaker heaven with Makeway. They have since opened a boutique which is run by women-identifying, LGBTQ+ members who are now at the forefront of the city’s “sneakerhead” scene. Not only do they sell highly sought-after brands, but they also provide life-changing opportunities for local, women-owned businesses to sell their products.

Founded in 2015, Cheekbone Beauty, is the very first Indigenous-owned and founded cosmetics company. Their aim is to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous youth through donations that support educational opportunities for them, and to create a space in the beauty industry where everyone, including Indigenous people, feel represented and seen. The brand is known for its sustainable and high quality colour cosmetics that are clean, vegan and cruelty free.

Known for their iconic ‘happy face’ collection, Lisa Gozlan’s jewelry collection is created with women at the forefront. They are committed to sustainable practices when sourcing their products and use only the finest quality materials which means that when you purchase a Lisa Gozlan piece you are making an investment. Never sacrificing on design or standard, their jewelers and manufacturing partners are experts in fine jewelry, making and taking responsibility for maintaining a sustainable workplace.

Inspired after a trip to Los Angeles, founder Kristen Voisey wanted to bring the bar culture and community she experienced back to Toronto. When the first Cocktail Emporium opened in 2011 they originally sold supplies intended just for bartenders. Since then the store has evolved into Toronto's first and only shop for everything bar and cocktail-related for all drink enthusiasts and now has two more locations.

The Apartment Life gained immense popularity during the pandemic with their innovative way of interacting with their customers through live streams, Q&As on instagram and doorstep deliveries. Since then, they have cemented themselves as THE place in toronto for unique vintage home decor and furniture from the 1960’s through to the 1990’s. Their bright selection of rare furniture pieces, unique housewares, and nostalgic items will leave you thinking of times past.




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