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SUGO’s Book Club Picks

“Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well.” - Mark Haddon

Before the pandemic, I wasn’t the biggest reader. To be honest, I could probably count on one hand how many books I’d read to completion before the lockdown. But when everything was shut down and we began to find ourselves constantly questioning when life would go back to normal, anxiety looming and never ending thoughts taking up too much space, I decided to pick up reading as a hobby - and am I ever glad. And while I’m not part of a book club because I’m just way too picky, we thought it might be helpful to share some of our recent favourites in case you’re looking for some ideas for you or your next club read.

Los Angeles PR Books

For those who seemingly can’t deny the opportunity to pick up a mystery novel, this one's for you. When a homicide victim is found and is linked to the disappearance of a woman 24 years ago at a summer camp, questions arise and the secrets of many finally come to light. Author of books that have been adapted to Netflix series ‘The Stranger’, ‘Stay Close’, ‘Gone for Good’ and ‘Safe’, Harlan Coben’s ‘The Woods’ joined this list in 2020, with many of his other works in the queue for their moment in the spotlight.

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Voted as ‘One of the Most Anticipated Crime Books of Early 2022’, Stacy Willingham’s ‘A Flicker in the Dark’ is full of shock and anticipation. When Chloe Davis was young, her father confessed to the kidnapping of six teenage girls. Twenty years later, crimes identical to those that her father allegedly committed begin occurring, leaving her and her small Louisiana town questioning everything. Is she paranoid and seeing things, or is she about to unmask another killer?

Politics Crisis Communications

Written by former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton joins forces with Canadian novelist Louise Penny for their take on a political-mystery. When Ellen, a novice U.S Secretary of State joins the administration of a newly-elected president and foe, they are quickly thrown to the wolves when multiple terrorist attacks occur. Acting quickly before an attack imminently takes place next in the U.S, Ellen is met with traitors and liars along the way as she wonders who she can really trust.

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A recent rave from book club legend Reese Witherspoon, Alka Joshi’s ‘The Henna Artist’ is a wonderful take on self-discovery and the need for family-approval. After escaping from an abusive marriage, Lakshmi goes to Jaipur where she becomes the most sought after henna artist to the wealthy, a vessel of other’s secrets but simultaneously reluctant to share her own. As she navigates life with jealous gossips and her head on a swivel, her past suddenly catches up to her, leaving her with questions for her family and wondering if she ever truly knew them… A heartbreaking and heartwarming read all in the same breath.




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