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SUGO’s Spring Essentials

Spring is right around the corner, and the SUGO team couldn’t be more excited. 

Working in PR, there’s never a shortage of amazing events happening, but there’s something extra special about events in spring! Brands are excited to share what they’ve been working on over the cold winter, and we’re excited to take it all in! We’re constantly inspired by all the amazing PR professionals and brands around us and can’t wait for a collection of “Spring Showcases” over the coming months. 

What else? We’re looking for a moment of disconnecting to reconnect with our besties. We’re breaking from our cell phones to break a little Naan! The Cottage Cheese is our go-to for some relaxed and delicious vibes. The aesthetic is beautiful and cozy - the perfect spot if you want a dinner out while also needing to feel cute and comfy. All you’ll be paying attention to is the gorgeous food you’re eating.

With the warmer weather, we’re excited to get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities! We love getting our creative juices flowing on a hike, enjoying walks by the water with some friends and even hanging out in the park on those warmer days. The fresh air feeds our souls! 


And finally, everyone’s favorite part of the year - Spring Cleaning! We’re focusing on getting our kitchens in order this year because nothing inspires delicious food at home like an organized (and aesthetically pleasing!) kitchen. 

Starting in our pantry, we’ll start by getting ourselves some ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE CUBE containers. These stackable, vacuum-sealing containers keep your food fresh for longer, and look so cute doing it! Either store the containers as they come or dress them in a coloured CUBE Cover of your choosing. For the fridge, ZWILLING’s FRESH & SAVE system is perfect for organizing food and elongating its shelf life! 

We’re so excited to celebrate spring and we hope that you are too 🌸


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