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SUGO’s Top Holiday Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of year, but enjoying the festive season can be challenging when there are gatherings to plan, gifts to purchase, and meals to prep! Worry not, because our team is here to help with some of our top tips and tricks for acing the holidays.

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How’s the holiday shopping going? If you’re anything like us, you promised yourself you’d shop early to avoid the crowds, but the days flew by, and, well, here we are. While malls can be swamped this time of year, there are a few ways to get your shopping done without the frustration:

  1. Avoid peak shopping times! You’ll encounter the biggest crowds if you shop on weekends, which is true year-round. For a more zen experience, consider visiting on a weekday and right when the mall opens if you’re up to it.

  2. Avoid getting hangry. Eating a meal before hitting the shops will give you energy (and much-needed patience) while you shop. If you’re planning a long day, make sure to bring along some water and a protein-rich snack like KEEN No-Bake Energy Bites to avoid long food court lines.

  3. Plan, plan, plan! Identify deals and gift ideas online, and determine your route before you arrive. If you’re able to park closer to the stores you plan to shop, you’ll save time by not having to weave through crowds with your shopping bags in hand.

  4. Shop smarter, not harder this holiday season. Upscale retailers like Eataly are perfect for multipurpose shopping and can be great alternatives to malls for finding great gifts while you shop for grocery essentials and premium ingredients to impress dinner guests and giftees.


Whether it’s for a Hanukkah party, Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Eve bash, most of us will have to prepare at least one dish this month. To avoid burnout, it’s important to have the right tips, tools and resources to streamline the process. We recommend:

  1. Embrace trying new things, but be proactive! It can be tempting to resort to tried-and-true dishes, but don’t be afraid to try out that wow-worthy recipe you found online from websites like Bake Good and Mazola. Holiday bakers can find helpful tutorials from Bake Good Academy that are perfect for all skill levels, and we always recommend making a trial batch of a new recipe where possible to correct any errors to avoid last-minute stress!

  2. Understand the importance of proper storage and how it can help your holiday prep. The new CUBE series in the Fresh & Save collection from ZWILLING stores ingredients in handy, vacuum-sealed containers that keep them fresher for longer and won’t leak like bags of flour or sugar can. Plus, the original Fresh & Save bags are perfect for storing and freezing leftovers thanks to the handy app integration and QR codes to keep track of when the food was made.

  3. Don’t forget the drinks! ‘Tis the season to embrace all things fresh, which is why La Presserie’s Cold Pressed Cocktail Mixers are the perfect option to serve at your next holiday shindig. Made with cold-pressed juices and simple ingredients, these mixers pack a punch and can be enjoyed as mocktails or with a shot of alcohol for the adults. For meals and parties where alcohol is being served, it’s hard to go wrong with a bottle or two from Kendall-Jackson or La Crema, too.

Let us know your top holiday tips on social at @sugocommunications! On behalf of the SUGO team, we hope you all have your best holiday season yet. 🕎🎄❄️




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