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There are a few things we love at SUGO, like a good TikTok trend. In some ways, TikTok is pure entertainment, and in other ways, as a PR Firm Specializing in TikTok Trends, the platform is a haven of research and ideas we can bring to our clients. Our team loves TikTok for the ongoing stories, ideas, inspiration, and information shared on the app. Today, we want to share some ideas from TikTok that left the app and were implemented into our lives. 

Starting with the best - #BookTok. At SUGO, we read all the genres: romance, thriller, non-fiction, Harry Potter, comedy, did we say romance? Working in PR, it’s our job to keep up with the news and ensure we know what’s going on in the world, so it’s so lovely when we can find time to unwind with a great book. #BookTok is a great place to learn about new authors and genres that you may not have explored before - many new books have landed on our shelves since scrolling through #BookTok

Here’s what the SUGO team is reading now: 

An image of a compilation of book covers

Everyone else is putting their plants in the shower… right? 

At our office, we cherish all the leafy green plants that keep us company, so we’re extra thankful for #PlantTok showing us how to properly care for our beloved leafy friends. Having plants in our office creates a relaxing, energizing, and empowering environment.

Our most recent plant endeavor? We’re working on some homemade slow-drip water solutions for those days when we are working from home. If it’s good for #PlantTok, it’s good for us! 

A candid photo of various indoor plants in front of a window overlooking another building

At SUGO, we like to run a pretty clean ship, however, #CleanTok has taught us more about cleaning than we anticipated ever knowing. 

While we didn’t all start the year as Sunday Reset people, we’ll all be ending it that way. Is there anything better than starting Monday with clean sheets and an organized kitchen?!

We could spend hours on #CleanTok… and that does not upset us at all.

Some of the best things we’ve learned from #CleanTok are:

  • How to really make sure your sink is cleaned to perfection;

  • That everyone needs a 2-in-1 mop-vacuum;

  • A sponge with a smile actually does make us happier;

  • That vinegar is the best cleaning solution, and

  • That cleaning is fun?

 Six different coloured Scrub Daddy sponges

#DIYTok could be the most controversial side of TikTok - is this a life-changing project or does it look like someone with no experience painted the tiles in our bathrooms? 

At SUGO, our DIY projects come out looking like they were done by professionals. Constantly exercising our DIY skills helps us immensely in our work! With our crafty skills, we can pivot and adjust shots during photoshoots or create beautiful packages for media and creators. Being crafty also enhances our skills during brainstorming, because we can use our imagination and creativity to think of awesome ideas that work for our clients. 

There is so much to explore and learn on TikTok. If you’re ever looking to chat trends, we’d love to compare our FYPs.




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