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The Subtle Art of the Perfect Cup of Tea

Did you know that each year the average Canadian consumes 264 cups of tea? Whilst coffee is still the most popular beverage in Canada, with about 14 billion cups consumed per year, more people every day are ditching their regular “cup of joe” in favour of a “rosy lee” (that’s tea in British cockney slang!). To help inspire your next brew, we’ve put together a little round-up of our favourite products that will convert you in no time!

1. First things first you’ve got to find the right blend for you, and we know the perfect people to help you do just that! PLUCK Tea is a small yet mighty local-to-Toronto Tea company whose teas are hand-blended in small quantities which minimizes leaf damage and ensures that their makers can assess each batch and ingredient for quality, consistency, and freshness. Many of their ingredients are upcycled - which directly reduces food waste by repurposing fresh ingredients that could otherwise be diverted to compost such as citrus peel which is saved and immediately dried by a local juice maker to make their famous Orange Blossom blend. With over 50 different varieties to choose from, the process may seem a little overwhelming but fear not as they have a quick quiz to help you find the perfect tea every time.

2. In order to brew your tea to perfection you have to go with the ZWILLING ENFINIGY Electric Glass Kettle. Designed specifically with tea drinkers in mind, it has 10 program settings and 6 temperature settings, as well as a keep-warm function that maintains the temperature for 30 minutes to ensure your tea never goes cold! There is also a built in tea insert to allow direct brewing within the kettle, simply fill your tea directly into the stainless steel tea insert and the tea timer lets you know that the tea is ready with an acoustic signal. The glass design also allows you to see your tea come to life - perfect for those exotic coloured blends!

3. Nothing is more personal than a cup of tea, and that can be seen through the vessel you choose to drink it in. From china to porcelain to glass - every tea drinker has their preference and now it’s time for you to choose yours. Personally we think the choice is simple; Sorrento Tea Glasses. Created by the renowned Italian designer Matteo Thun Sorrento enhances the experience by maintaining the ideal temperature whilst remaining cool to the touch, thanks to its dual insulation.

4. Lastly, everyone knows there’s no point to a cup of tea without a sweet biscuit to dunk into it, so we’ve taken the time to scour the city in search of the perfect one and Roselle is our top pick! Whilst they have a variety of treats to choose from, when it comes to the accompaniment to our cup of tea it has to be their shortbread biscuits. Buttery, flaky and not too sweet, they hit the spot everytime!




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