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Workspace Essentials to Maximize Efficiency

While many industries have transitioned to entirely remote work over a particularly chaotic past few years, adopting a Work from Home policy, many have adopted a hybrid policy enabling staff to both go into the office and stay home throughout the week. And while we compare working styles, with some thinking they are more productive working from home thanks to fewer people and less distractions as opposed to in the office, ensuring you are efficient no matter where you work is always the priority. So, here are a few different products you can purchase that have been found to increase productivity and will help almost anyone maximize their work output.


According to Dr Chris Knight of Exeter University, office plants actually have the ability to increase productivity in the workplace. While offices that have zero decor can actually be considered as “the most toxic” environments, household plants actually lead to greater output and can increase productivity by 15%. Plants also have the inherent ability to filter toxins from the rooms they grow, which can directly lead to fewer people getting sick in the office and reducing the amount of sick days that are taken.

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To make these plants as accessible as possible, try putting them where they can be seen by everyone at their desk. Some varieties such as Zebra Plants, Red-Edge Dracena and Bamboo Palm are great ways to zhuzh up shared spaces, while others like Hens and Chicks, Chamaedorea Elegans or a Cypress Vine can often lead to a boost in creativity as they are eye-catching and smell exquisite.

Smart Table lamp

If you’ve found that you’re not as productive and aren’t quite sure which products will aid in contributing to an increase, a desk lamp is one of the most essential items you can purchase. Of course, computers are the ultimate item in productivity, but desk lamps actually have several benefits as they make working less strenuous on the eyes, omit the need for harsh overhead lighting, and can even make your space more appealing. While there are many different kinds, from thin and sleek to quirky and neat, their impact and low-cost makes desk lamps an easy solution to productivity in the workplace.

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Standing desk

We know sitting at our desk for countless hours throughout the day is not only bad for our health, but it also infringes upon our productivity. That’s right - standing desks are an easy and effective way to consciously promote workplace output and efficiency. In a 2016 study by Texas A&M conducted over six months at a Texan call center that monitored 167 staff, it found that in the first month, the ‘stand-capable group’ had 23% more successful calls than their seated colleagues; and by the sixth month of the study, that number had risen to 53%. With both health and productivity benefits, who could say no?! If you’re able to buy a new desk, we’d recommend one like this, however this riser is also one of our tried and true favorites.

Of course, everyone is different so what works for some might not work for others, but these hacks can be effective, low-cost ways that will not only aid in helping you get more done, but will also offer a beautiful touch of decor and make the office a more inspiring place to be. Happy shopping!




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