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A Music Lover's Guide to Vinyl Collecting in Toronto

The old always becomes the brand spanking new all over again. Meaning, trends always resurface. Or do they even really go away?

One of the major reoccurring trends among music lovers is the art of collecting vinyl. Whether someone is looking for something classic like The Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie, 1970) or something a little more modern such as Miley Cyrus’ recent album Plastic Hearts (2020) - Toronto’s record shops have everything you are looking for and more.

And as a Toronto-centric agency, we are here to share with you our favourite spots for finding the coolest records in the city. See below for some of our favourites!

  • Sonic Boom (215 Spadina Ave) - Independent music shop with sprawling rows of new & used records, CDs, movies & hip T-shirts.

  • Kops Records (395 Queen St W.) - Martin Koppel opened his first record shop on Queen Street East in 1976 and has been selling records in Toronto ever since.

  • Rotate This (186 Ossington Ave) - Hip independent vinyl record & CD shop offering new & classic releases, plus local concert tickets.

  • Play De Record (411 Spadina Ave) - Classic vinyl record store in a tiny storefront nook that also carries DJ & music production gear.

In addition to sharing these amazing storefronts, we have created a playlist of some of our favourite hits to inspire your record collection. You can thank us later!




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