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Music to boost work from home performance

Music has a way of drastically changing our moods. It can help us relax, relieve stress, unwind, energize, provide workout motivation and set the tone for a party. Here at BPR Inc., we all know that listening to a good jam can help get the creative juices flowing, increase motivation and improve productivity, especially when working from home. The only question we ever have is, “what song should we listen to next!?”

Song selection is important and according to the ISO principle, commonly used for mood-management, the first song selected should be based on how you are currently feeling. If you are starting the day a bit tired or groggy, start with a low-tempo song. After that, gradually select songs with increased tempo and lyrics to correspond with the desired mood outcome.

With that being said, song selection is also about how a song makes you feel. If lyrics often distract you from the task at hand, stick to instrumental beats. If low-fi or classical puts you to bed, choose songs that will keep you going. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the stress levels of surgeons decreased while performance increased when listening to music they liked in the background.

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The take-away here is to be flexible with yourself. If you want to start the day off mellow by answering emails, drafting notes, and work your way up then we suggest trying the ISO method. If you are feeling energetic that day and want to stick to it, keep to high-energy beats. Creating a playlist or lists should be fun and should happen over time. Keep adding songs that encourage you and give you an extra boost during the day. Lastly, arrange them in an order that makes sense for how you work.

Below is our team’s selection of songs to keep us going during our busy work-from-home days!

BPR’s Productivity Booster Playlist

  • Tracks 1 to 6 are our top picks for instrumental jams when we need to focus without lyrics.

  • Tracks 7 to 18 are the team’s favourite indie/acoustic jams for writing press releases and pitches.

  • Tracks 19 to 30 are our fav 80’s jams and covers, perfect for drafting reports and social media calendars.

  • Tracks 31 to 39 are BPR’s top bops for when we are drafting media lists and monitoring coverage.

  • Tracks 40 to 47, are our dance picks, great for building out influencer and media drops, packaging send-outs and having a quick party break.

  • Lastly, tracks 48 to 54 are the team’s rock selections when everything else just isn’t cutting it.




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