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Digital Events in a Digital Era: How to host the ultimate virtual event

With restrictions back in place in Ontario, in-person events have once again fallen by the wayside. Luckily, in our digital age, virtual events can be just as engaging, exciting and interactive. And you guessed it, we are here to give you some of our PR guru hot tips on how to do so!

1. Encourage your guests to be on camera well before the event date; by sending a note within your original invite asking guests to keep cameras on you can add an additional layer of engagement. Whether it’s the guests showcasing what they are creating or simply asking questions to the host/moderator, this will allow for easier flow in conversation from both sides of the event. This brings us to our next tip.

2. Have a well-spoken and engaging host; Always look for someone who is natural and comfortable in front of a camera, someone who is not afraid to lead the conversation and ask questions. By having someone that is easy to connect with, guests will feel more comfortable engaging and participating with the leader and one another, which allows for a more successful event.

4. For those who can’t make the live event, offer a recorded version so they are still able to be included; the fact of the matter is - people are busy and not always able to attend every event they are invited to. That being said, there is one major benefit of digital events, and that is being able to record and send to guests at a later date. This is extremely beneficial, especially when working with influencers or media to create content. It opens a whole new door and allows you and those invited to be more flexible.

5. Choose the right timing; take into consideration that though you may be inviting influencers and media, they may have daytime jobs or other commitments. No matter the type of event, timing is key. Especially with many people at home these days, it is important to take into consideration things that may impact their schedule. People are at home with kids or other family members or are working from home and in Zoom meetings. Our recommended timing is just before or outside of dinner time if possible. This allows for people to finish up their daytime routines and get settled before digging into your exciting event.

Digital events have become such an important part of the PR world during these times. They allow us to engage with our audiences from a safe distance. Want more insight on how your brand can use digital events to engage with media and influencers? We can help! Contact our team at or use our handy contact form here.




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