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In Good Company: How to Choose the Best PR Agency for Your Brand

The perfect public relations agency is the butter to your bread, cheese to your wine and sea salt to your caramel - we shine a light on the most exciting parts of your brand, tell your story and leave your audience hungry for more.

Public Relations Toronto Selecting a PR Agency

The trick here is finding the ideal fit for your brand to ignite that spark, communicate your message and achieve your goals.

To find your perfect agency, ask yourself these five questions:

Does this agency specialize in my field/industry?

Working with a public relations agency that specializes in your field/industry means that they will already have a deeper understanding of both your needs and the media landscape so that they can help you navigate with expertise. This will expedite the getting-to-know-you learning curve and your overall success rate. For example, if you’re a restaurant located in Toronto or Vancouver, it would be advantageous to seek out an agency specializing in Toronto/Vancouver food PR because they would have working relationships with local food journalists and with producers in charge of booking chefs for local television networks.

What is their success rate?

What are other brands saying about this agency? Can they provide you with case studies exemplifying past successes? How do they quantify success? What does success look like for you? Having an understanding of their past successes as well as what success means to you will help you to determine if they would be the best fit.

What services do they offer?

What services are you looking for? Is it strictly traditional PR or are you seeking a social media expert as well? Do you need help building a website, coordinating photoshoots or media training your spokespeople? Build a wishlist of the services you’re looking for and compare to the services they offer.

Does this fall within my budget?

Once you have your wishlist assembled and your budget in mind, request a quote. If you receive a quote that’s higher than you were prepared to pay, consider if there are any services you would be willing to go without. It’s also important to consider the impact that garnering media coverage will have on your budget so it could be worthwhile to start at a baseline, then increase your budget as you become more well-known.

Client-Agency Relationship

Finally, to get an idea of what your day-to-day relationship with the agency would look like, ask the agency about their client relations policies. How does the agency liaise with your team, hold status meetings and communicate coverage? Are they open to hearing your ideas? If you’re working with a boutique public relations agency, you often have a more direct line to your team for time-sensitive communications.

To learn more about BPR Inc. and to see if we’re the best fit to tell your story, connect with our team today!

About BPR Inc.

BPR Inc. was founded in 2011 by Shawn Rusich and is a Toronto-based, full-service communications agency specializing in lifestyle clients; restaurants, wine and spirits, hotels, food halls, celebrities, small appliances, spas, franchises and more. BPR Inc. is globally recognized as the leader in connecting brands with media, influencers and consumers across North America. BPR Inc. offers seamless support in public relations, social media, influencer relations, event planning, sponsorships, marketing, advertising, and beyond.




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