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Know Your Audience: Finding the Right Influencer for Your Campaign

Influencer relations have become a fundamental offering from Public Relations agencies, being weaved into strategic communications plans for clients. They love seeing the immediate response from creators, who take the time to develop beautiful content that resonates with their audiences.

The PR Practitioner works hard to put together lists of influencers to match up with any given campaign. But, how do we make those decisions? Here, we will explore the influencer audience and how to select the best influencers for your brand!

Pre-Established Relationships

Here at BPR Inc., we work with top-tier influencers on a day-to-day basis, with locations ranging from right here in Toronto to across Canada and beyond. We have a select roster of influencers that we like to work with regularly. These creators are tried and tested, consistently delivering beautiful content and hitting all of the established key messages. We love to revisit these select influencers for a number of our clients because we value their hard work.


The difference between 100,000 followers and 40,000 followers? The obvious answer is 60,000 followers - but that doesn’t determine the difference between wanting to move forward with one creator or the other. A lot of our decisions are actually based on engagement. How many of those followers are liking the posts? How many of them are commenting? Engagement makes a huge difference in the selection process and is a factor we always take into consideration. In this day and age, one big concern when it comes to influencer relations is the fear of fake followers and engagement is one of the most telling signs.

How to Make the Final Cut?

Our team of talented Public Relations practitioners know how to select the best influencers for any given campaign. Looking for the most influential foodies in the city? Maybe you want a more fashionable group for an exclusive launch? Or perhaps you’d like to work closely with a creative recipe developer? We know how to narrow it down to the best to meet our clients’ needs. We’ll match you with the perfect influencers whose audiences will resonate with your campaign.

If you need help selecting the best influencers for your campaign BPR Inc. is the agency for you - find us at




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