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If you are lucky enough to travel, you’ll know there is nothing better than feeling the ultimate sense of organization as you voyage to a new destination! With the right preparation and travel essentials, the only thing you will be worried about is when to hit the pool, or what special on the menu you should indulge in. Consider this your guide to making traveling a breeze, with our top travel essentials recommendation for any season.

Tea Refills

Pluck Tea’s Premium Ceremonial Matcha 30oz refills are the perfect on-the-go travel companion when you’re in need of an early morning pick-me-up and calming energy.

Fragrance Pumps

Perfumes are already expensive, so rather than purchasing your signature scent in a travel sized format, take them with you year round with affordable travel fragrance pumps!

Toiletry Travel Bottle

Who says traveling means sacrificing your favourite toiletries? Instead of spending money on travel size shampoos and body washes, investing in convenient toiletry bottles will ensure you can bring along your hair and skincare favorites in TSA-friendly silicone tubes.

Vehicle Mats

In the event you find yourself traveling to your next destination road trip style, Tuxmat’s luxury vehicle mats are bound to be your best friend. Tuxmats are crafted to fit specifically to the design and model of your vehicle's floor for guaranteed protection, no matter the season.

Vacuum compression storage bags

To eliminate bulky suitcases and the possibility of running out of space, heavy duty, vacuum compression storage bags are a heaven send. Not only will they protect clothing and items from dirt, mold, odours and whatever else can wander into your suitcase, but they can also allow for an 80% size reduction, giving you more space than ever in your luggage.

Universal Travel Adapter

Forget the charger. When traveling internationally carrying an adapter is an absolute must! Whether your device is the latest iPhone or you need power for your Samsung tablet, a travel adapter ensures everything stays charged up no matter the brand or device.

Passport Wallet

Everyone knows the struggles of keeping foreign currency organized, and between organizing your everyday wallet, passports, tickets, and hotel key cards this is no easy feat. Sometimes having everything in one place can be the greatest help.



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