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Veg Out for Vegan Month

As a top-tier Public Relations Agency, it is incredibly important to remain timely and keep an eye out for Holidays, National Days and even the change of seasons. This allows us to keep our content current, especially when executing media outreach and event planning.

November is recognized internationally as World Vegan Month, and at BPR Inc. we are lucky enough to work with some amazing plant-based clients. La Presserie and Wholly Veggie offer fully vegan products showcasing how vegetables and fruits can make for delicious snacks and meals. Today, we wanted to share our favourite vegan selections from both brands, so you can plan accordingly for your next shopping trip.

Putting the “Smooth” in Smoothie

Looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or a delicious snack to kickstart the day? Everyone loves a good smoothie, but finding the perfect option that’s also vegan is difficult when many smoothie recipes require dairy. La Presserie offers a unique line of three all natural, artisanal smoothies that taste incredible and sneak in extra veggies all while remaining entirely vegan! The blends are made in small batches with flavours including Apple Kiwi, Banana Strawberry and Orange Mango.

Broc Star

Wholly Veggie serves up convenient dishes that celebrate vegetables in all their glory! Packed full of nutrients, their new Veggie-Full Meals are reinventing how consumers look at frozen products. With up to 20g of vegan protein and 50 percent of our daily fibre requirements, these nutritious and delicious items are easy to make and come in flavours such as Southwest Broccoli, Sweet and Spicy Chickpea and Coconut Cauliflower.




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