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Wrap It Up: Partnering for Success During the Holidays

The holiday season is always an exciting time in the world of PR. Consumers are building their holiday wish lists and clients are eager to share what they have to offer! As PR experts, we look forward to the holiday season so we can come up with creative ways to showcase the great brands we work with on a large scale.

For many of our clients, we’re looking to hit our KPIs and enter the new year on an amazing note. While there are a multitude of ways to achieve our goals, one special way to do so during the holiday season is by partnering with like-minded brands.

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So, you’re looking for a brand partner? The first thing you want to think about is the values and messaging of your brand. What is your goal in going to market and what do you stand for? You’ll want to find a brand with similar values and beliefs to ensure there is a natural alignment and synergy when you come together.

You’ll want to make sure that the goals that you align with, also align with the partnering brand. For example, if you want to achieve large-scale brand awareness, but that isn’t a priority for your partner, it might not be the best fit.

Making sure you have a similar target audience and consumer base is also a key component of brand partnerships. When reaching new audiences, you want to ensure that you’re sharing a product or service that will resonate with them.

While finding the right partner can be a big undertaking, the benefits speak for themselves.

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New audiences! When you partner with a brand, you have the opportunity to tap into their curated audience. When you partner with a brand that has a loyal audience, they’ll be more likely to explore your brand and what you have to offer. This is why it’s essential to select a brand whose audience has shared values with your own, so you know they’ll be interested and curious about what you bring to the table.

Save that cash! Sometimes budgets are tight, and there’s no better way to stretch those constraints than splitting some bills with a partner. Whether there is an exchange of product, knowledge or other resources, brand partnerships lead to some great cost savings.

Credibility! The final reason we love to partner is that it shows a lot of credibility for your client. Brands put trust in each other when they agree to work together, and showing time and time again that you make a great partner can ultimately lead to increased appeal from the consumer's perspective.

We each have a set of goals and objectives, especially as the year comes to a close, that we want to achieve. Partnering with brands is an excellent way to ensure you are achieving your goals, making clients happy and ending up on a coveted consumer wish list!




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