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“But… where do I start?!” | Tips for creating effective Instagram Reels!

It is no secret that Reels are King when it comes to Instagram content. Not only do Reels create an immersive experience for your followers but they are favoured by the platform in a big way. They’re also the fastest way to see organic growth on your account. That said, a lot of brands and content creators who began their journey on Instagram in the era of static photography are asking the same question: “Where do we start?”

Luckily, Instagram's Creator Marketing Manager, Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, recently shared a few tips for creating high-quality Reels that will help to guide you! Here's a quick recap of those tips:

  1. Relate to your audience: Create content that clicks with your audience and is aligned with your niche.

  2. Tell a story: Great Reels typically have a beginning, middle, and end.

  3. Engage in the popular conversation/trends: Pay attention to the current conversations and trends - take whatever is happening right now and put your twist on it (where appropriate).

  4. Let go of your fears: There's no "right" way to create a Reel. Not every Reel will go viral - don’t lose patience and keep practicing.

  5. Surprise people: A big (or small) reveal, a punchline or plot twist can go a long way!

  6. Express your perspective: Showcase your personality, teach people something, or just share something that's unique to you.

  7. Avoid watermarks: Don't post Reels that are visibly recycled from other apps.

  8. Vertical content: Creating your content in a 9:16 ratio not only makes it easier for you to create your Reels by removing additional editing, but it allows for a more immersive experience on the mobile app.

  9. Make eye contact: Whether you are a lone content creator or a brand (with a specific spokesperson(s)) it is important to give your voice a face! This makes your Reels more friendly, authentic and approachable for your audience.

  10. Set a cover photo: Taking a still image of your content and marking this as the cover photo will ensure that your feed looks cohesive.

  11. Share: Don’t forget that you can toggle the settings to allow sharing on Facebook in addition to Instagram. As an added step, we recommend sharing the new Reel to your stories as well.

In addition to the above, BPR reminds you to HAVE FUN! Let your personality shine through your Reels in an authentic approachable way - whether you are an individual content creator or well-established brand.

Now go forth, and create! ✨



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