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Welcome to the Jungle: Four Plants for Your Home Office That Will Boost Mood and Productivity

Many of us have been working from home for over a year now. While you can’t beat the commute, working remotely comes with its own unique challenges like tuning out loud neighbours or roomies, overcoming writers block or creativity challenges and upping your Zoom background game.

Work From Home Desk with Green Plant

Being productive while working from home is all about cultivating a workspace that fosters creativity and dials in focus. By adding a few select plants, you will not only elevate your decor, but will also positively improve both your mood and productivity, helping to minimize distractions. It is clear that the roots of having plants in your home office run far deeper than purely aesthetics.

Here are four plants that are easy to take care of and will help solve your work-from-home woes:

Home Office with many green plants to help with productivity

  1. Rubber Plants (Ficus Elastica): even with the door closed, home offices can be impacted by noise from the rest of the home, whether it’s from a roommate, neighbours or family going about their day. Thanks to its size and broad, thick leaves, it helps to absorb sound, alleviating distractions and promoting focus.

  2. Lavender: get your creative juices flowing by literally stopping to smell the flowers! Vibrant fragrance and bright colours are key to stimulating your senses and opening the flow of ideas. This plant needs lots of light and thrives in a bright home office.

  3. Air Plants: when you’re short on space, grow up! Air plants are perfect for vertical gardens because they don’t require any water or soil so they are much lighter to hang on your wall. Just dip in water once per week and, voila, you’ve added greenery to your workspace AND designed a beautiful Zoom background.

  4. Aloe Vera: this simple succulent is low maintenance and packs major health benefits because it’s a natural air purifier. It helps reduce anxiety and boost your mood by providing fresh air even in an indoor space

Adding your own mini garden to your at-home workspace is a cost-effective way to improve your productivity while working remotely and make your work day more enjoyable.




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