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How to Create an Unignorable TikTok Marketing Strategy

Whether users are majorly procrastinating, looking for #lifehacks, or finding their next holy grail product, it can’t be denied that TikTok has taken the world by storm. The app has had a significant impact on culture, music choices, purchasing behaviour and more - and businesses everywhere are finding ways to get in on the action.

While not being a fit for every brand, many businesses that target the same demographics as TikTok have found success with the platform. Although some of the most memorable brand moments have been stumbled upon accidentally (think the Ocean Spray guy), brands can still build a successful presence on the platform with a well-thought-out plan.

Here’s are some tips on developing a TikTok marketing strategy:

Get familiar with TikTok

There are many ways to interact with audiences through TikTok, so it’s important to explore the platform and spend some time on the never-ending scroll of greatness. Discover the different features available, familiarize yourself with what filters, effects and songs are trending and keep an eye out for Branded Hashtag Challenges - all fun ways to engage with your target audience!

Research your target audience

Who do you hope to reach on TikTok? Before you start creating content, learn about the TikTok demographic, and identify those who might be interested in your brand.

It’s important to research your audience and how they behave on other social media platforms and from there, look for opportunities to engage with them on Tiktok. Once you’ve narrowed down your potential audience, find out what content they are interacting with and brainstorm ideas for your brand!

Set goals that align with your business objectives

Creating TikTok content can be a blast, but it’s always more beneficial to have goals in mind that align with your overall business objectives. Start with a S.M.A.R.T goal framework making your objectives Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Whether you plan to reach a new audience, improve brand image, promote awareness for a product, or develop stronger customer relationships through engagement, it’s important to back your efforts with rationale.

Post regularly

When beginning with TikTok it’s important to post often and consistently as it helps to inform the algorithm and get your content out in front of more people! To stay on track, use a content calendar and plan your posts ahead of time.

What’s working?

Keep on top of what content is resonating and providing favourable analytics. If something isn’t working, adjust your strategy and pivot - your next idea might just go VIRAL!

Leaving space in your strategy to try new things and go with the flow is important.

Need help planning your TikTok strategy, or figuring out if the platform is right for you? Drop us a line at or write us through our nifty contact form here.




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