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Sent with love: The art of creative packages and how to make them for friends and family

Often prospective clients ask us how we get brands and products in front of media and influencers in a way that sparks genuine interest. Well, one of our favourite and most effective methods is through creative packages (media drops) which are an efficient way to create memorable, long-lasting impressions on these audiences. Being a lifestyle-based agency we get to have a lot of fun with how these are integrated into our work.

These can be as simple as a card in a creative shape showcasing information about the brand to a full 12 days of wine advent calendar (which we have done)! Below we will highlight some of our creative mailers, provide a few tips on how we curate them as well as how you can make one for upcoming holidays and birthdays! They can be left on recipients’ doors for a socially distanced safe way to interact with loved ones.

1. Keep it simple

Design the package from the perspective of the recipient. As an outsider with no knowledge of an item/recipe/brand can you follow the instructions? Can the package be opened easily? The best way to do this is to keep it simple with minimal effort required for the recipient.

PersiMon Cocktail Kit

For this cocktail kit the BPR team, pre-made all of the syrups needed as well as provided recipients with all of the necessary ingredients to put together a fulsome and refreshing persiMon cocktail.

2. Define your reason for sending

What is the package trying to accomplish? Is the package tied into an event? If so make sure it states when to open the package, if items need to be refrigerated etc. If the package is for a new product launch be sure to include an info card on when/where it is available. If the purpose is for brand awareness ensure you are including key brand messages. If it is a personal box, make it clear why they are receiving it i.e. birthday, holiday, bridal shower etc and make it clear in the packaging and items.

La Presserie Kids' Cold Pressed Juice Easter Basket

This creative mailer for our current client, La Presserie, highlights the brand’s kids' juices in time for Easter! With kids' toys, bright colours, Easter bunny and puzzles, the package is easy for kids to enjoy and showcases the holiday at a first glance. The accompanying notecard reiterates the theme and flavours and provides additional brand information.

3. Use creative elements

How do you want your brand perceived? Use creative ways to showcase how others can use the product or brand on a day-to-day basis. It can also be used to showcase the potential of the brand, event and idea. Whether you use bright colours, interactive elements, or a unique format, it’s important to be inventive!

Kendall-Jackson Grazing Box

For this box, the BPR team decided to highlight Kendall-Jackson wine in an interactive way, where recipients could envision purchasing the item again for their own charcuterie boards. The grazing box allowed recipients to try different foods with the wine, creating an at-home tasting in a box.

As mentioned, these concepts can be integrated into homemade packages for any occasion! The key is to keep it simple, provide instructions or directions as to why and how the packages should be received and make it interactive or esthetically pleasing.

Holiday Potluck Box

One of our BPR Inc. team members created a holiday box that was delivered to friends for a virtual holiday “pot luck”. The packages took a few hours to make and included the ingredients for a festive cranberry cocktail, as well as a mini cheese snack board.

Have fun with your at-home packages and customize them for the occasion. We can guarantee these boxes will not be returned to sender!




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