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Move over turkey, these four holiday hacks are sure to be the talk of the October long weekend

Summer has slowly slipped away, but that gives us all of fall to look forward to, including the upcoming Thanksgiving Long Weekend (October 12). This year, you may be spending time with your family members or enjoying a Friendsgiving with select social circles. Check out BPR Inc.'s product recommendations that are sure to enhance any get together for you and those in your turkey (social-distancing) bubble.

Give Thanks to Rosé

PSA: Rosé all day is not a summer exclusive! We'll be including La Crema Monterey Rosé on our tables this year. Not only is this Pinot Noir Rosé pretty in pink, but it is also a deliciously a crisp wine that will take you from appetizers right into dessert. Try pairing this wine with your favourite cut of turkey, as it works well with white meat, dark meat and everything in between.

Apps for All

Even the pickiest of eaters will find their favourites amongst Wholly Veggie’s line of Cauliflower Wings and Broccoli Tempura. Classic flavours include Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, Ranch Cauliflower Wings and Kung Pao Broccoli Tempura. These easy-to-make appetizers are perfect for diners with dietary restrictions as the florets are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. This light and airy app is perfect for snacking without feeling overly full before the big meal!

Let’s give them pumpkin to talk about

Take your holiday dinner game to the next level with the new Ninja® Dual Zone Air Fryer! Whip up unforgettable sides for your feasts like crispy garlic rosemary Brussel sprouts, spicy green beans and crunchy stuffing balls. With the Dual Zone Technology no longer does one dish get cold and soggy while the other cooks - you can make both at once and serve hot and fresh, right out of the Air Fryer. To cap off your delicious meal, try creating a modern take on a classic favourite and enjoy sweet and crunchy pumpkin pie bites.

Leave it to the Robot

The long weekend gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones – so why take away from that with daunting chores when a Shark IQ Robot can tackle the cleaning? The IQ Robot is the epitome of convenience, with self cleaning brushroll technology for floors and carpets and a self-emptying base. You'll be especially thankful this year with the extra help provided by this tiny but mighty bot. 

From all of us at BPR Inc., have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!


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